Sunny X Blaze

Born 6/22/21

Pick up 8/21 and 8/22

1st pick F- Kendal H.

2nd pick F- Maire O.

3rd pick F- Nancy T.

4th pick F- Melinda F.

5th pick F- Paige T.

6th pick F- Savannah M.

7th pick F- Tricia M.

8th pick F- Brittany G.

1st pick M- GLG

2nd pick M- Karla O.

3rd pick M- Jessica F.

4th pick M- Patrick D.

Tasha X Blaze

Born 6/16/21

Pick up 8/15/21

1st pick F- GLG

2nd pick F- Kurt W.

3rd pick F- Katelyn G.

4th pick F- Erica A.

1st pick M- Beth B.

2nd pick M- Matthew D.

3rd pick M- Karoline K.

4th pick M- Kayley S.

5th pick M- Allison R.

We are currently accepting names on the wait list.  

There is a deposit required to be on the wait list.

Please contact us for more information.

We may have some availability from Sky's litter, but we won't know until her pups are born.  
After Sky's our next litters will be in winter 2021/2022.

Bred, pregnancy confirmed:

Sky X Blaze: due July 31st, 2021 (Sky's final litter)

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Current and upcoming litters

Scarlet X Blaze

Born 6/16/21

Pick up 8/14/21

1st pick F- Taylor D.

2nd pick F- Jessie L.

3rd pick F- Chelsey S.

4th pick F- Blake L.

1st pick M- Quinn M.

2nd pick M- Laura T.

3rd pick M- Daniel N.

4th pick M- Dan C.