Sky X Blaze

Born 12-29-20

Pick up 2-27-21

1st pick M- GLG

2nd pick M- Olivia K.

3rd pick M- Laura S.

4th pick M- Caitlyn H.

5th pick M- Amy W.

1st pick F- GLG

2nd pick F- KC B.

3rd pick F- Matthew W.

Upcoming litters:

Ginger X Blaze

Born 11-19-20

Pick up 1-17-21

1st pick female- Amanda C.

1st pick male- Elena D.

2nd pick male- Tory H.

3rd pick male- Aubrieanna P.

4th pick male- Taylor V.

5th pick male- Jessica B.

6th pick male- Nicholas H.

7th pick male- Amanda H.

8th pick male- Melissa H.

Bred (pregnancy not yet confirmed):

Lola X Blaze: expected 2-9-21

Misty X Blaze: expected 3-15-21

River X Rocky

Born 11-17-20

Pick up 1-16-21

1st pick male- Yuning F.

2nd pick male- Justin G.

3rd pick male- Rachael R.

4th pick male- Anneleise M.

1st pick female- Katie C.

2nd pick female- Faye B.

3rd pick female- Diana V.

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Current and upcoming litters

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Amber X Blaze

Born 12-25-20

Pick up 2-20-21

1st pick M- Jarrod J.

2nd pick M- Drew T.

1st pick F- Hannah G.

2nd pick F- Alison C.

3rd pick F- Chelsea D.