We are currently accepting names on the wait list for fall/winter 2021 litters.  

There is a deposit required to be on the wait list.

Please note that we take wait list deposits for "next available."

We do not take wait list deposits for a specific litter.

Please contact us for more information.

We should have puppies ready right before Christmas!

Bred, pregnancy not yet confirmed:

Ginger X Blaze: Expected 10-10-21 

​Pearl X Mack: Expected 10-10-21

Ruby X Mack: Expected 10-23-21

River X Mack: Expected 10-30-21

Not yet bred, but anticipated:

Tasha X Mack: Expected December 2021

Sunny X Mack: Expected December 2021

Sky X Blaze

Born 7/23/21

Pick up 9/18/21

1st pick F- Taylor P.

2nd pick F- Sarah M.

3rd pick F- Dave P.

4th pick F- Tessa P.

5th pick F- Casey S.

6th pick F- Darcy P.

1st pick M- Jason W.

2nd pick M- Amanda H.

3rd pick M- Chris S.

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