Upcoming litters:

Current and upcoming litters

Bred (pregnancy not yet confirmed)

Tasha X Blaze: expected 11-6-2020

Scarlet X Blaze: expected 11-16-2020

River X Rocky: expected 11-19-2020

Ginger X Blaze: expected 11-22-2020

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‚ÄčWe are not currently accepting wait list deposits. 

We will accept deposits again after the November litters are born.

We have a long wait list.  Our earliest availability will probably be our litters expected in December and February (take home February and April 2021).

Not yet bred, but anticipated

Sky X Blaze: anticipated 12-2020

Amber X Blaze: anticipated 12-2020

Misty X Blaze: anticipated 12-2020

Lola X Rocky: anticipated 2-2021