Deposits are non-refundable, unless I don't have a puppy for you.  If you put down a deposit before the puppies are born, and there is not a puppy born to fill your request, you can either have your deposit refunded, or apply your deposit to the next available litter.

(Please note that Great Lakes Goldens reserves the right to first pick (male or female) from any and all litters!)

We take deposits two ways (Please contact us for the link to leave a deposit):

1) Wait list deposit

If you would like to reserve a puppy before they are born, a $100 wait list deposit will be required (if using PayPal, please add $3 fee).  After the puppies are  born, and I confirm that I have a puppy for you, a second deposit of $200 will be required (if using PayPal, please add $8 fee).  Total deposit $300. 

2) Deposits after puppies are born

A $300 deposit is required to reserve a puppy. (If using PayPal, please add $10 fee)


Please contact us for the total price of our puppies.

Pick up:

The puppies will go home the weekend after they turn 8 weeks.

Puppies are picked out on pick up day, in the order that deposits are received.  For example if you have 2nd pick female, you will come pick out your puppy before the person who has 3rd pick female.  You will be given a specific time and date to come pick out your puppy and take it home.  Do not be late!  If you are late, you will forfeit your pick order, as I will not make the next person in line wait on you.  All pick up times are Central Time.

On pick up day, you will have a chance to see mom and dad, then I will take you to the puppies.  You will be required to remove your shoes and put on crocs provided by me before entering the puppy room.  You will also need to use hand sanitizer.


Visitors are allowed by appointment only.  You are welcome to come see our adult dogs and our facilities, but you will not be able to visit the puppies before pick up day.  This is to keep the puppies safe and healthy, as that is our first priority.

Health Guarantee:

We offer a 1 year health guarantee against congenital defects.  The guarantee can be extended to 2 years with the purchase of NuVet vitamins.

Pet Health Insurance:

We highly recommend pet health insurance.  Please research and choose a company and plan that is right for you.  

We have now partnered with Trupanion, and are pleased to offer the first 30 days of coverage free!  (you must register with Trupanion within 24 hours of bringing home your puppy)

If you register your puppy with the AKC, you can enroll in their health insurance with 30 days free!

Additional Information:

The puppies will go home the weekend after they turn 8 weeks old.

All puppies are sold with AKC limited registration papers.  This means pet only, no breeding or show (except for agility).

The puppies will have their first set of shots and be dewormed a minimum of 3 times.  They will go home with a puppy kit including a sample of the food we feed (Purina Pro Plan Performance 30/20 all ages, chicken and rice mixed with Purina Puppy Chow tender and crunchy), and a sample of the NuVet vitamins. Your puppy will be microchipped.  Please register your puppy's microchip as soon as possible.

Important Information

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