Good morning! My name is Christy  and in 2014, I bought a puppy from you! Brinkley is her dad and Lexi is her mom. I know that on your old website, pictures were encouraged, so I wanted to send you some pictures of Callie. She is literally the most beautiful golden retriever. we get compliments on her all of the time, and we ALWAYS sing your praises!

She is now 4 1/2 and so well mannered, gentle, a people person, and definitely still energetic... thank you so much for making our lives complete with your passion and business.

Christy C. (Lexi X Brinkley)

"Our boy, Iggy, is one of River and Mack's pups.  Just over 18 weeks and full of curiosity and love.  Also one of the best behaved and easiest to train pups I've ever owned."

Tucker G.

"Iggy" (River X Mack)

Hi Sarah! Tobey is wonderful! He is just over 20 weeks. He just had his big surgery (neutering and microchipped). He did great! I thought I’d send a few pictures of him I hope you’re doing well! 

Sarah M. (Bunny X Rocky)

Our beautiful boy, Gus. He is so incredibly smart and sweet! He is the perfect pup for our family. We can’t thank you enough! We love him so much!

Lynn K. (Bunny X Rocky)

Just wanted to say thank you again for breeding & taking care of the best goldens I’ve ever encountered. Goose (Noelle x Mack Jan 2024) has been a literal angel ever since taking him home. He’s settling in very well, and Indy (Bunny x Rocky 2019) is warming up to him, slowly but surely."

Morgan Jager

Hello 👋!  Sharing a pic of our big boy Oliver, Lola x Blaze 8.1.20 (green collar lol). The vet took his weight on Thursday and he’s still growing!

Our groomer said he was very impressed with his breeding and on our walks we receive comments daily on how beautiful he is! Such a handsome boy with a friendly personality to match! ❤️
Kristen S.

Kipton (Trixie and Rocky’s litter born 5-31-18) has transitioned beautifully into his home in Iowa! He’s been extremely easy to train and everyone he encounters loves his sweet personality and soft coat! He has brought our family so much love and joy thus far! Thank you for breeding such a great pup! We are in love.

Jen A. (Trixie X Rocky)

Call Us !


Hi Sarah,
I just wanted to share an update with you on our pup that we picked up back in August from Sky x Blaze’s litter. We have named her Deandra (but we call her Dee) and she has been such a great addition to our family! She’s been so great to train, picks up on things quickly, and is super lovable. Thanks so much for bringing this girl into our lives - we couldn’t be happier!
Taylor K.

Dee (Sky x Blaze)

We haven't shared a pic in a while but wanted to write to y’all about the absolute light of our lives, Brody.  Misty is his Mom and Blaze his dad (born June 18, 2020). He is the best. dog. ever. Sweet tempered and calm, goofy as heck, and handsome as could be. Thank you Great Lakes Goldens LLC for helping us start our family and giving us a love we have never known. ♥️🐾
Leah B.

She's doing great! So smart! Day 4 of no accidents! Can sit, lay down, stay, leave it and shake. Growing so fast! She's trying to catch up on weight to her brother Harvey! Thank you so much!

“Charlotte” (Sky x Blaze)
Chelsea D.

Hi! This is Anneleise.  I just wanted to update you.  Todd is growing up fast and he's such a good puppy.  He learns SO fast and was crate trained and potty trained withing two weeks.  Such a good boy!


Todd (Lola X Rocky)

"Hi! I wanted to send you some pictures of Bast. He's getting so big and losing his teeth. The vet said he's going to be big (29 lbs now), and that he's starting to grow into his paws 😁. We've taken bets on how big we think he's going to be. He's doing really well and learning so much. We're working on teaching him how to be a kitty brother and getting him ready to start hunt training in a couple of months.
Thank you so much for him, we absolutely love him. "
Meghan W.
"Bast" (Ruby X Mack)

Hi—I adopted a male puppy from you back in October (bunny and Rocky’s litter) I just wanted to thank you for breeding/raising such great dogs! I am sending a couple photos of my baby—his name is Dug (after the dog from the movie Up). I am currently starting to train him to be a therapy dog because I am a Kindergarten teacher. Thanks again! 

Emma H. (Bunny X Rocky)


Hi Sarah!
Just wanted to send you a few pictures of my Samwise. It has only been three weeks but he has already brought so much joy to me, my family, and friends.
He has the sweetest disposition and EVERYONE in the neighborhood wants to come over and meet him when he is on his walks. He sleeps through the night, already knows some tricks, and never misses a meal!
He is an absolute joy. Thank you so much for this beautiful pup.
-Brennan & Samwise (Sky x Blaze)

Hi Sarah,

I just wanted you to know that we had our first vet appointment
yesterday and everything went very well.
I must tell you that this little one is an absolute dream!  She is such
an easy going, gentle sweetie pie.  With only a handful of accidents in
the house she is well on her way to being potty trained.  She is quite
content to be in her kennel for which we are grateful.  She is happy to
play on her own when she needs to, and will entertain herself when I'm
busy in the kitchen.  She will even sit and wait patiently for her meal
to be put down. And............she sleeps through the night! and will
sit quietly in the morning until it's time to come out.
In short, she is AMAZING!!!
We still don't have a name for her yet.  It's going to have to be a
pretty perfect name - just like she is!
Thanks again, and a big thank you to Trixie!

Sherrie and Kevin B. (Trixie X Rocky)