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Trupanion Pet Insurance

Bringing your new puppy home is a special moment you’ll never forget. With so many things to do, the last thing you want to think about is your new puppy getting into mischief. Medical insurance for pets can provide protection against the unexpected, which is why I’ve partnered with Trupanion. Their Go Home Day Offer provides an exclusive offer of coverage for your new furry friend. To find out more, check out this quick video, which further explains your special offer: Benefits of the Go Home Day Offer.
With activation of your Go Home Day Offer, you gain access to immediate Trupanion policy coverage. Don’t forget to call Trupanion within 24 hours of getting your puppy to get set up! Trupanion’s Customer Care team is available 24/7/365 to assist in activating your offer, along with answering any other questions you may have.  855-266-2156
Underwritten by American Pet Insurance Company (US) and Omega General Insurance Company (CAN).
You can activate as early as the day before pickup which is what I would recommend, that way you will have that piece of mind your puppy is already protected on pick up day!